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Welcome to DealMagik, Proud Sponsor of the Striker Soccer Challenge

As a participating team in the 2023/24 Striker Soccer Challenge, any Parent, Coach, Trainer, or Team Administrator can take advantage of DealMagik’s generous offer to direct funds to your Team Treasury for introducing your favorite local businesses to the DealMagik Marketplace.  

DealMagik is excited to partner with all the Striker Soccer Challenge teams as they look to build their brand here on Long Island and the neighboring communities.  DealMagik’s goal is to add local merchants to their Marketplace App, which in turn will provide consumers money saving discounts.  If you and your team decide to engage in this opportunity, DealMagik will send $40 to your Team Treasury for every fully onboarded merchant you recommend. 

Business Owners prefer DealMagik because there is no cost to join the Marketplace, and it provides merchants with a digital storefront free of charge.     

It takes 2 Steps to begin earning some of the $10,000 that DealMagik has committed to paying Striker Soccer Challenge teams.

  1. Reach out to your favorite merchant

  2. Confirm their interest to join the DealMagik Marketplace

Step 1:  Reach out to your favorite local merchant(s), or your place of employment, let them know, at zero cost to them, they can drive new business and generate more revenue to their establishment, while at the same time helping your soccer team raise money to defray team expenditures.

Step 2:  After speaking with the merchant and confirming their interest to join the DealMagik Marketplace, click the "Refer a Business" link below.  At this point, all you need to do is fill in and complete the required fields to sign up your referral so one of DealMagik’s MagikMakers can set up a meeting with the merchant.

Click on the line that says "Striker Soccer Challenge Participants - Click here" - this will open up a few fields for you to enter. Enter the following fields on the screen that comes up. Note that the fields in blue are what DealMagik will use to track your referrals and accrue payments. Click on "Submit Referral" - and that is it!

  • Enter Name of Business*

  • Enter Business Address*

  • Enter Business Contact First Name*

  • Enter Business Contact Last Name*

  • Enter Business Contact Phone Number*

  • Enter Business Contact Email Address*

  • Referred By* (Striker Soccer Challenge)

  • Referral Code* (Select your team)

  • Enter Your First and Last Name*

  • Enter Your Team Treasurer’s Email Address*


After the DealMagik MagikMaker onboards your referral (at no cost to the merchant), and they list their first deal, your referral fee** will be sent to your Team Treasurer.   

About DealMagik:  DealMagik provides Business Owners a solution which drives local residents to shop and support their local business community.  DealMagik is far more than a discount coupon platform.  Dealmagik, delivers every Business Owner a digital footprint, providing deals to consumers which drives revenue, provides online booking of appointments, postings of menus, ability to communicate with customers, take orders, schedule staff, create “Flash Deals”, just to name a few. 

You can signup as a consumer and get great deals on DealMagik too.

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