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DealMagik is a digital platform that connects local businesses and consumers through deals, bookings, orders, and more. It is free for merchants to join and offers them a social media presence.

DealMagik is partnering with Striker Soccer Challenge teams to help them raise money by referring merchants to the platform. For every merchant that joins the DealMagik Marketplace, the team will receive $40. To participate, all that the team members need to do, is the following:



Contact their favorite local businesses or their place of employment and let them know how they can benefit from joining the DealMagik Marketplace at zero cost.


Fill out a referral form on the DealMagik website with the details of the interested merchants. Click on the Quick Referral link below:

And that is it! Once your referred business is onboarded onto DealMagik, your team earns $40, per referral.

You can refer mutiple businesses.

Click here if you want some more details.
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